365 Mile Challenge

I’m always up for a challenge.  I enjoy setting goals for myself, seeing them through and then bask in the glory of accomplishment. Who doesn’t, right? Validation is a wonderful drug.  My goals are usually something short and simple, therefore, leaving less room for boredom which leads to failure. Until now…..


I just signed up for the 365 Mile Challenge set up by Rebecca Walsh, founder of Hike Like A Woman, and a few of her friends.  The object of the challenge is to complete 365 self-propelled miles in 2017.  It’s a great challenge that comes with an online community loaded with fun, exciting and enthusiastic members who encourage each other throughout the challenge.  What more can you ask for? Oh, and did I mention, you are eligible to win cool prizes? There are no first place winners.  There are no second place losers. You complete 365 miles, you are a winner!  You come away from the challenge with the satisfaction of knowing you completed goals that you set for yourself.  


IMG_0508.PNGAccording to my Fitbit, I earned the Great Barrier Reef Badge.  That means I have completed 1600 miles since I’ve had my Fitbit (October 2015).   So, I know I can do this, right? I mean, 365 miles in one year equates to one mile per day.  I put on a couple miles every day at work and an additional few when I’m at home.  So, 365 miles in one year is completely doable.  And it’s a challenge that I’m not going outside of my comfort zone to achieve. 

I need to complete this challenge.  I need to do this for myself.  Not for my husband.  Not for my kids or grandchildren.  But for myself.  You see, in the past 3 years, I have become a lazy person.   Three years ago, I was in good form both physically and mentally.  Then I became complacent and lazy.  As I struggle to get off the couch, I feel the need to jump start the new year with a challenge I know I can complete.  This is all for me.

I will be taking you all along with me as I track my progress.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be tears and laughing.  This will be real.  No sugar coating here.  So, come along for the ride ~ better yet, sign up for the challenge and let’s all do it together.  Strength in numbers is what I say. 


Tracking sheet for #365MileChallenge ~ each circle represents one mile

By the way, to make it a bit more interesting and to take myself outside of my comfort zone to push myself further than the 365 miles, I’m going to up the challenge and double my mileage to 730 miles. Now there’s a challenge I can be afraid of… 



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We enjoy being outdoors. We live in the small northwestern town of Meeker, Colorado, gateway to the Flattops Wilderness. We hike, backpack, OHV, snowshoe, hunt, fish, kayak, and just plain camp. Every adventure is new to us. We are like children experiencing candy for the first time. These are our adventures. And we want to share them with you!

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    We always love a good challenge. Lollygaggers are even upping the anti of the challenge. Can we keep up with our west coast comrads? Let’s find out. Join along with the fun…it is not only national…it’s an international challenge.


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